The Quick and Easy Way to set up a Conference Call

More and more companies are having problems planning meetings that all participants can physically attend. This is not just a case of fully booked agendas but also increasing number of traffic jams, the growing amount of employees who work from home or work in another country.
Call4Conference offers you the possibility to hold meetings efficiently when and wherever you would like to. It does not matter where you and your participants are located. The only thing you and your conference partners need is a telephone.
Call4Conference DIRECT:
1. Agree upon a four digit code and inform your conference partners about the code, date and time;
2. Call on the agreed time to 0900-1001000 (€ 0,15 per min.);
    For calling from outside the Netherlands click here.
3. The Conference Call can start!

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Call4Conference PLANNING:
It is also possible to plan the meeting in advance on our website. Participants can be notified via e-mail and if you would like to you can make use of our free text message service. The participants will receive a reminder on their mobile phone shortly before the meeting starts. Instead of having to take notes, you are now able to make use of our recording function. You can download the MP3 recording directly after the meeting has finished.

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Call4Conference SUBSCRIPTION:
Unfortunately the subscription service of Call4Conference is temporarily only available in Dutch. For more information please sent an e-mail to

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